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Anne Marie Wyse-Murray emerged from the rich Celtic tradition of Newfoundland and a musical Scots-Irish family to become one of Canada's singer-poet.  Classically trained from early youth, with a further three years at the Royal conservatory of Music in Toronto, she maintained a strong interest in popular music and held fast to Celtic music, the heritage of Newfoundland.  Having taught, after student days, she then went on to record with the CBC and Radio Canada International.  She traveled in many countries of the world, and discovered the joy of performing, and the fulfillment of writing.

She also brings the music of other traditions to her performances, particular the Tara songs of Ireland, the fado songs of Portugal, and the cabaret songs of France, which she sings in the languages in which they were written.

Anne Marie Wyse-Murray is also the founder of Avalon Publishing.  This talented vocalist-poet writes and sings about humanist issues, about peoples yearning for love and union.  Anne Marie is bridging the traditional split between music and book sales.

*Classical & Contemporary English/French/German/Italian*

"Many of her written works are in a class with the works of Jacques Brel" - Max Ferguson,CBC-FM

"A Voice of Gold"   -  Orlando Press Florida

In support of the work of Amnesty International in making it a humane world and the humane treatment of all animals - See horses below

Anne Marie is a proud supporter
of the Animal Welfare Institute through
a portion of all CD sales.
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